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Historic Italian oil manufacturer updates product range and launches brand new website dedicated to excellent care regardless of make or model

Turin March, 10th 2021 – Oleoblitz, the historic Italian lubricant brand, today launches its completely new range of expertly engineered products for cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles, compatible with all brands and models.

Made in Italy, each product, whether it’s for engines, transmissions, brakes or antifreeze has been updated to ensure greater protection even in the most severe operating conditions. The refreshed range offers a recommended oil for any and every vehicle, complete with newly revamped packaging.

Experts in vehicle performance since 1882, Oleoblitz’s new fluids are designed to cover the widest circulating vehicle park as per current product specifications. For instance, in passenger vehicles, it can maximise the potential of direct injection turbocharged gasoline engines and diesel engines, as well as vehicles running on biofuels and equipped with after treatment exhaust system and emission control devices. Heavy duty vehicles benefit from its sure-fire performance across modern, high-output, low emission engines as well as older turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engine generations both on-highway and off-highway. For agricultural equipment, it optimises the transmissions, final drives, hydraulic systems and wet brakes of farm tractors and machineries.

Accompanying the new range, Oleoblitz is also launching its brand new company website. Optimised to share Oleoblitz’s expertise with drivers of all vehicles in every situation, the mobile-first website is dedicated to driving action and excellence. Its standout feature is the new, dedicated lube recommender. This tool combines almost 150-years of expertise to suggest the best and most tailored innovative solution to owners, drivers, and fleet managers seeking the best care for their vehicle, whatever type that may be.

Dedicated to leading the way since 1882, Oleoblitz now places knowledge and expertise in the hands of its users. Regardless of vehicle type or age, drivers can learn the perfect fluid for them, optimise how they care for their engines, and ultimately get the very best from their journeys.

The new Oleoblitz range will be available from 1st March in Spain, Italy and across a selected number of markets.

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